Cash & Car GiveAway

Cash & Car Give Away


Do you know someone who could use a set of wheels or some additional cash? Have you noticed a college student or single mother struggling day to day to get to and from work or school? If so then tell us their story. Write a 1 page essay about who this mystery person is. How this car could help them with their day to day commute or routine and they could have a chance to win a new set of wheels or some cash. Fill out the form below and lets see if we can’t help someone in need before this year is out.

Submission DETAILS

  • Candidate MUST be either a college student CURRENTLY attending college or a single mother in need of assistance.
  • We want to know how some additional cash or a car could help this person.
  • We want to know how this person is doing in school, things they like to do, and activities that they are involved in.
  • We would like to know about their hardship and trials this person faces.
  • If your candidate is selected we will contact you directly. DO NOT ALERT THEM, we will need your assistance to surprise them with their gift.


Deadline is 11:59 pm on November 5th

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